Customer Reviews

My 1979 26' Sea Ray was running poorly, even after being re-powered (at a different shop) a few years ago. I brought it to Jim at Arcadia Marine. Turns out, it had multiple ignition and carburetor problems, a damaged harmonic balancer and a loose intake manifold! Jim and his staff persisted in diagnosing and addressing each one of these problems until they were satisfied that it was fixed properly. Seriously, this boat now runs better and stronger than it ever has during the 22 years I have owned it!!! These people are awesome! I am not surprised at the full five-star rating.

- Dan Hook

I can't say enough about Jim and his team at Arcadia Marine. Over a holiday weekend (Fourth of July) my wife and I experienced significant engine trouble on a trip from Northern Michigan and ended up limping into Frankfort on one engine. Many phone calls were made to look for repairs. Due to the holiday weekend, there were no available technicians until after the holiday (3 full days)....Until I got ahold of Jim... He was very honest about not being a diesel tech but would be happy to look at the boat. Jim came out ON the Fourth July to diagnose the issue. He was able to identify the issue and with the help of a diesel expert, they were confident they could perform the repair. Jim moved the boat (on one engine) down from Frankfort to his Marina in Arcadia and tied it up in is ONLY hoist well. Jim and his team (Peter and Art) worked on the boat tirelessly....14+ hours a day. He kept me in the loop during the whole project. The boat was ready two days after the 4th. My wife and finished up our boat trip back to Grand Haven with a perfectly running boat. Jim's team took pride in all aspects of their work, not only the actual repair but they kept our boat protected and clean through this extremely messy repair.....lots of oil and engine coolant involved. Again, Jim and his team at Arcadia Marine are professional, personable, and a dedicated team. You will not go wrong with this group. Thanks Again for the professional service!!!!

- TJ Nagorsen